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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  March 17, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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i've been cooking when i was five and started cooking with my grandfather. >> chris: the family grew vegetables in their garden. >> and i saw it grow from the ground and we ate it as it came from the ground and this is where my respect for ingredients came from. >> chris: at 15 he started working at a local holiday inn and went onto the culinary institute and top restaurants in new york and france. >> chefs were, clean, pristine and ironed jackets, a different level of professionalism. >> chris: at age 36, he now has his own take on modern american cuisine. with an emphasis on ingredients that are local, sustainable, organic. he uses this is celebrity for "share our strength" which seeks to end childhood hunger but his passion is simpler. >> i'm a cook at heart and i love being at the stove, i love being the cook. that is what gets me going every day. >> chris: brian says he has more projects in the works including
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new restaurants. you can be sure they'll be good and tough to get into. and that's it for today, have a great week and we'll see you and that's it for today, have a great week and we'll see you next fox news sunday. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc.
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enjoy every minute on life together. >> tonight a heart breaking accident, a raceway crash involving a teen driver from the north bay kill s a teen driver
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and his cousin. plus swat teams surround a home in the east bay, how this eight-hour stand off finally came to an end. >> and a massive thanksgiving honoring the pope. good evening i'm ken pritchett. >> i'm heather holmes. we learned today that both the driver involved and one of the young victims of that crash at a raceway near sacramento yesterday were family. we get new information about the two young men involved. alley talked with the victim's father and joins us live where the driver is very well-known, ally? >> >> reporter: the speed way is his home track but his uncle say s he's not sure if chase will get behind the wheel of a race
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car again after the accident that claimed his cousin's life. they were more that has cousins but best friends. >> two of them were just peas in a pod. they do everything, enjoy every minute of life together. >> reporter: 14-year-old marcus was in the pit area of the racetrack last night helping his cousin prepare for a race while chase was doing warm up laps he tried to make a turn and lost control of the vehicle. >> straight out the ticket and probably 90 miles an hour and flew in the air and marcus left my side to go to the bathroom and was walking back from the restroom and the car flew in the air and hit him. >> reporter: marcus and a 68-year-old died from injuries. chase wasn't hurt. marcus had been racing since he was five and as these trophies she he excelled at the sport. the teen was looking forward to playing high school basketball next year.
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>> the sweetest young man, coaches, friends will tell you the first one to help somebody or give somebody a hand. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is investigating the cause of the accident but rob johnson said his steering wheel popped off and that's why he lost control. >> every time he got in the car in every race he would check and check and check and i don't know how it could come off because he always double checked. i don't know how it could come off. >> reporter: chase johnson has his own racing website. chase learned to race here at the speed way as a kid and raise way officials decline today comment but said chase is well-known here as a very talented driver with a promising career ahead of him. >> happening now, perhaps you've seen it, spoke from a prescribed burn in the sacramento delta area is rising above the east bay. you can see it right now here live from video from one of our cameras. now we started making calls when
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viewers in pittsburgh became concerned about this large plume of smoke and we're told by bay area quality management officials that this burn is under control and not threatening any buildings but look, this is what drivers were told. the agency was contacted and allocated time for it. we want to get a check to see how the conditions are out there. i was talking with mark about the winds and are they a problem now? >> the wind is not too extreme and the smoke settling and drifting in that one area. we've been watching this smoke from over the last two to three hours. you'll notice the smoke moving up and a cap in the atmosphere 2500 feet. we have another camera towards san francisco and this is about 35 miles away and you can see the smoke way out in the distance. you get an idea where the plume is and is heading in the upper levels from the west to the east
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but this is all just a fairly weak flow. as far as the location reports this is on sherman island as we take a closer inspection with the live storm tracker 2 mapping system and there's the location. wind speeds we're talking about those and they are on the right side. typically this area, winds from 15 to 25 miles an hour. this afternoon the latest reports, a calm wind, fairfield, travis air force base and winds out in the west and concord out of the northwest at 9 miles an hour. we'll keep an eye in the forecast, as well and rain chances next couple days. >> some people were injure when had a pickup truck crash into a tryst store this afternoon. it happened just before 2:00 p.m. at the theft center on say know ma boulevard. a fire department captain tells us an elderly driver plowed into the store injuring four shoppers inside. the driver and some shoppers were taken to the hospital but their injuries are not
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considered serious. police are trying to determine what caused the driver to lose control. a 97-year-old visually impaired woman was injured this morning when she was hit by a car in a crosswalk. it happened before 9:00 a.m. at elih boulevard south and east washington street. the driver stopped and called for help. she was not arrested. the elderly woman identified as mary freeman was taken to the hospital with moted rid injuries. officers on the scene said the sun and horizon may have on cured the view contributing to the accident. a neighborhood is getting back to normal after an eight-hour police standoff. the swat team surrounded a home on 25th avenue near international boulevard looking for a suspected gunman who police say shot two people a few blocks away. those 6 people came out of that house during the standoff and by 8:00 this morning the shooting suspect had surrendererred. police were alerted to the suspect after the shooting victims were driven to the
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hospital, one of those victims died. the other suffered serious injuries. police are investigating a shooting early this morning that injured a man. officers received a report of shots fired at about 12:45 this morning on river hill drive near bay view circle. when they arrived officers found a 25-year-old man with a gunshot wound to his left thigh. the victim was taken to a hospital. he's expected to be okay. so far, police haven't made any arrests. seven people were wound in a drive bay shooting in sacramento county. police say the victims were found outside a home at about 10:30 p.m. in the city of gullet. they were transported to a number of hospitals for treatment. investigators say the victims were leaving a family gathering when someone in a car passing by opened fire. witnesses on the scene say they saw four gunmen drive off. a neighbor says this isn't the first time violence has erupted in his neighborhood. >> crazy. we have some incident about five
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years ago when they had a shooting in another corner. >> investigators do not know yet what sparked the shooting but say it may have been gang related. all victims are expected to survive. continues coverage now on the newly-elected pope francis who delivered his first prayer from the vatican. more than 100,000 people crowded into st. peters square to hear the blessing and he delivered off the cuff remarks about god's power to forgive and instead of reading from a written speech, he celebrated the first sunday of mass. before mass, francis made an improvement appearance from a side gate of the vatican waving to the huge crowd. he motioned to his security guard to pluck two priests from the crowd so he could greet them. the u.s. delegation to welcome pope francis is headed
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to italy. it includes joe biden and nancy pelosi and it includes south bacon geese woman anna with nine other bay area lawmakers from both sides of the isle. both groups plan to attend the isolation of pope francis on tuesday. across the bay area today, catholics celebrated the first sunday with a new pope. carl lieu was there when a special mass was held for pope francis. [ music ] >> reporter: at st. josephs, a massive thanksgiving for the election of pope francis. >> we ask the lord now to bless hill, to bless his ministry among us. >> reporter: bib shop patrick mcgrath led the celebration saying the election of the pope as well as the name francis were a surprise. >> solidarities with the poor,
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the disenfranchised and society. >> reporter: a special pamphlet included humor. >> and i think we'll eventually be able to forgive him for that. >> reporter: parishioners in this congregation say it gives them hope the new leader of the curve is from latin america. >> i think all latinos are excited to have a pope that speaks our english, spanish and from argentina. >> proud of him and hope the best for him. >> the catholic growth is in south america anyway so this was definitely part and parcel i think of the direction the church is going. >> he's got an infinity for the poor, margen utilized and i think that's what we need to focus and get back to basic. >> may god strengthen pope francis now and always. >> reporter: in san jose,
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carol lou. in the last half hour the san francisco symphony announced it was canceling a tour due to the ongoing musician strike. the musicians reject ad proposal by a mediator to resume performances by a cooling off period. today's performance was the fourth straight concert to be canceled since the musicians went on strike on wednesday. the performers are upset over propels by management to freeze their pay with a 1% increase the next two years. grammy winning rapper collapsed on stage last night during a concert in iowa. [ music ] ♪ be my queen if you know what i mean ♪ >> his real name is anthony terrell smith with his hit wild thing. concert goers say paramedics attended to the rapper as he lay on the stage. there are reports he suffer ad
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seizure but his representative has not committed on his condition. he collapsed on stage once back in 2009 and again in 2011. in the meantime rapper lil' wayne continues to recover from a seizure he suffered on friday. nicki minaj, drake and birdman paid him visits in the hospital over the weekend. reports of his condition varied widely but his pub cyst says he will recover recover. >> two teenage boys found guilty of raping an ohio girl,. celebrating st. patrick's day, why organizers of this celebration are feeling especially lucky. >> and a controversial police practice heads to court. how the trial could affect plans to stop and frisk. medications?
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it may not be the biggest st. patrick's day celebration but the city has something to brag about, the event's 30th anniversary. ann ruben joins us where more than 50,000 people will celebrate. >> reporter: the luck of the irish today, perfect weather made for big crowds for their 30th anniversary festival. irish eyes were shying in dub land taking in the sights and sounds of st. patrick's day from traditional music to irish step dance. >> we feel appreciated today. >> . >> reporter: the festival a community tradition celebrating the 30th year and this time bigger than ever. organizers estimate 50,000 people showed up over two days. >> oh, man, the food is great and people get together. i just love it. >> there is irish hats and spending time with your friends
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and family. >> i love it. we come every year. >> reporter: the intent to celebrate not just the holiday but dublin's heritage. >> it was settled by irish settles in the '50s and we have a strong irish tradition and would like to keep that alive. >> reporter: they want to make sure rebels stay safe and don't get behind the wheel after too much beer. police doubled their staffing for the event. >> we have our motor units and extra patrol units making sure everyone gets to their cars safe and all the cars are leaving orderly. >> reporter: for the most part, this event is about family fun. >> being out with friends and having everyone celebrate. >> reporter: and if you weren't spending st. patrick's day overseas in the other dublin, this was the next best thing. >> better here in dublin, california. >> reporter: this festival is just wrapping up now. police say other than a few incidents of public
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drunkenness, it went off without a hitch. they are focusing on making sure everyone makes it home safely. >> well we are getting st. patrick's day photos sent into our newsroom. this was sent by jenna. these are her kids madeleine and calum having fun. even the animals are getting into the spirit. this is from steve of max and mini sporting small green hats. go to for more viewers pictures we put together a slide show. a san francisco cab company is offering free rides home tonight for st. patrick's day rebels. from 10:00 p.m. until 4:00 tomorrow morning the cab company will take anyone home as long as the fair is under $35 and the customers mention the sponsors the law firm burg injury lawyers. police are investigating a hit-and-run crash that injure
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add pedestrian. authorities say 22-year-old matthew was struck around 6:15 last night in washington street. police say the driver, 50-year-old timothy camp fled the scene but was found with alcohol in the car. he is currently on probation for a dui on vick last year. police
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malik's richmond's apology after he and trend mays were found guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl impaired by alcohol. the attorney general said no stone went unturned and plans to convene a grand jury. >> we'll push this thing as fast as we can, bring finality to this and determine if there is anybody else that should be charged and then the community needs to move on after that. >> reporter: the victim was not in the room during the ruling. the mother said the two boys lacked compassion and moral code. >> this is not define my
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daughter. she'll grow and
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. that means closing loopholes and arranging our tax system so that we have economic growth. >> the democrats budget plan would net $1 trillion from cutting tax loopholes. republicans propose overhauling medicare, rolling back healthcare reform and making other cuts. the defense department released the names of five u.s. service members killed when their helicopter went down in afghanistan last monday during a rainstorm. the dead were identified as staff sergeant steven blast of iowa chief officer henderson and captain sarah nut son of maryland. all of them were 27. also killed were 31-year-old staff sergeant mark sealdo of map m the, florida and zackery shannon of florida. the military says there was no
5:25 pm
enemy activity in the area at the time of the crash. the fear is different. >> ten years since the beginning of the war. how people in that country say life changed. >> and a spectacular sight overseas. the volume can in this case blast that sent lava flying nearly 10,000 feet. and madonna once again making a statement, a comment she made in support of the gay and lesbian community. if yo, then you're going to love
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it was ten years ago this tuesday that the u.s. led the coalition to iraq starting the triggering of the iraq war. a woman and her two daughters were in baghdad when the fighting began and remain there today. it professional and human rights activest could have left but chose to stay and says now she lost hope for her family and says corporation is ramped and the country is unsafe. >> the fear is different. you don't know who is in the next car. when i walk i don't feel comfortable because i feel threatened that someone might hurt me or, you know, harass me or do anything to me. >> according to a new study by brown university, more than 100,000 iraqi civilians died during the eight years of the
5:29 pm
war and more than 4480 u.s. service members were killed. in other news of the world tonight in turkey an arrest has been made of the killing of a 33-year-old tourest from new york. the man was arrested today in the southern turkey province. they aren't saying what led them. you may remember sierra was on a solo vacation in turkey and police say she was leggenned to death. check out this speak tar lie site as the mountain blasts lava into the ski. it's a latest in a series. this was one of the most powerful elections as showers reached 10,000 feet. the blast isn't post any danger to anyone in the area but they have to deal with the ashe showers that fallow. [ music ] >> and in ireland, the chilly damp weather didn't put a chill on the st. patrick's day
5:30 pm
celebrations. estimated quarter of a million people came out to celebrate in dublin despite the snow, rain and sleet. it honors the most recognizable of the saints, do you know who that is? the i rival and represents the arrival of christianity. dressed in a copy of a boy scout uniform madonna coulded on the boy scouts to lift the ban on gays and lesbians. >> and i think they should change their stupid rules, don't you? yeah? you guys don't -- >> the singer made her comments last night before an audience. the media award, glad, the gay lesbian alliance against deaf mission. madonna said she thought she would be a great boy scout but then spoke seriously talking about the toll that bullying and discrimination has on gay, lesbian and france gendered
5:31 pm
teens. baseball is back in san francisco. >> we'll explain why tonight's crowd here at at&t park has an a distinctly international feel. >> we have to know what's going on around you before you can affect change. >> a group of hackers tries to expose open city records. why city officials have given them their blessing. >> cleaning up the community, the efforts today to clean up the walls in one east bay city. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about?
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the fourth carnival cruise ship in less than a month to
5:34 pm
experience problems at sea made it back. it started having engines on thursday. they said the ship wasn't able to reach full speed thriving 5 miles per hour as oppose today 40 miles per hour. since the ship missed schedule ports, passengers can take the cruise with alternate stops or receive a refound. police hoping a new sketch will help them find a man trying to kidnap a 12-year-old girl on friday. the man accosted the girl as she walked home from school at 2:00 p.m. near belledden street. they say he pulled her wrist but she managed to break free and run home. he's described as white, 19 to 20 years old and 6'" tall with slack black brown hair and a grown goatee and has a piercing in his right eyebrow. an under age drinking sting netted 12 people who purchased
5:35 pm
alcohol for minors. it targeted people. during the operation a minor stood outside liquor and convenience stores and asked people to buy them alcohol while indicating they were under age. suspects face a 1000-dollar fine and 24 hours of community service. the world's best on the diamond are getting ready to face off at at&t park for the world baseball classic. christen captain is live with the fans and this globally watched event. kristin? >> reporter: the quad will take them on and the fans here streaming into at&t park you would think it was a regular season game. starting pitcher for japan is a solid right hander likely to be a big league prospect down the road. for puerto rico, mario will be starting. while the major leagues are in
5:36 pm
spring training, fans turned out for preseason baseball and kind of like the world cup where the best get to play and represent their country. it's picking up steam as a place to watch baseball players play. japan won in 2006 and again in 2009 and now fans are wondering if they can repeat the dominican republic, by the way, knocked the u.s. out of contention in the last round of play. the winner tonight will face the winner of tomorrow night's game against the dominican and tuesday night the finals all right here at at&t park. now we will be back in the 10:00 news with highlights from tonight's game and a look at how fans are enjoying the world baseball classic here in san francisco. for now, we've live in san francisco, christen captain, ktvu. >> should be a fun game. speaking of baseball, the oakland a's will be one of the first teams to debut a new app
5:37 pm
that gives fans the option to upgrade seats mid game. major league baseball's app searches for empty sets and gets users the option to upgrade their seat for a fee. it goes when sates are unsold or the season ticketholders are a no show. prices have not been set according to the chronical but any additional sales for otherwise unusualed seats is considered a win for the team. a group of hackers are trying expose records at oakland city hall with the blessing of city officials. as mike reports, it's part of a larger nationwide project to make city data more accessible for everyone. everyone. >> reporter: this is a picture of oakland radical today. >> picking up the title. >> reporter: some two dozen hackers meeting tonight working on making city records more
5:38 pm
accessible and getting help from at least two city hall officials there, as well. it's called open oakland and part of a national effort called code for america. >> i used to be occupied. >> reporter: miguel a freelance of the ware developer was one of them. >> they say knowledge is power. you have to know what's going on before you can effect change. government hasn't really kept up with all the changes. >> reporter: he was helping put together computer programs that didn't have such a traditionally way of finding a house, building permit or know what street range is pulled up. the conversation is about wanter about scalability, programming and python. an oakland resident talked about getting open open in contact with young people in the city. >> it was a big surprise to me when i moved into oakland and found myself in the middle of a
5:39 pm
war zone. >> the so-called digital divide may not be a real issue. >> there is a perception that the under class in oakland isn't using the internet and that they don't have access to it and in fact, they do. >> reporter: some used a net to post some pictures of themselves showing off drugs and weapons but not everyone. >> well, yeah, i goinged a lot of things. >> reporter: like what? >> like for instance right now a place to live. >> reporter: they were cruising in east oakland and we told her about open oakland. >> that sounds great to go to it. it sounds interesting. >> reporter: how exactly open oakland will find people, it may be it's next programming challenge. mike, ktuv. a group of graffiti busters worked today to wipe out gray fee
5:40 pm
graffiti in one neighborhood. this is the first of many planned weekend graffiti clean ups. crews painted over a large wall in the district. he says residents are fed up with the mess. >> the people that have been sited and arrested have been outside people coming to oakland and this is not the small gang tag that you used to see in the past this is organized, people that just want to come and trash oakland. >> he says police are doing extra patrols and sting operations. people caught painting or tagging face a fine and may be required to volunteer with a paint crew. a former supervisor is facing five felony charges for using campaign and taxpayer funds to fuel the gameling against. 51-year-old george is expected to pled guilty tomorrow to perjury and misappropriation of public funds. the news says he admit today violating the political reform act using a slush fund for
5:41 pm
gameling. he faces a penalty of $50,000 and one year in jail. gop fundraiser fired back as sarah palin today for her remarks that consultants who back losing candidates should go home and run for office. >> i'm enthused if i run for office to have her support and if i win, i would serve out my term and not leave office midterm. >> speaking at the convention yesterday she accused robe paging millions and he respond he's a volunteer that doesn't take a dime for his work. president obama will visittize real this week for the first time as president. police in jerusalem are getting ready for increased security calling it the most important visit since president bush's in 2009. some 15,000 personnel are being
5:42 pm
deployed. graffiti defaced posters of mr. obama but the subject matter is over a lack of mobile wireless in the region. what you're about to see is a convention unlike any other. how it brought fans together this weekend, and why that creature remains so popular. and rain is on its way for the bay area. we'll see how soon it will come. morning, brian! love your passat! um. listen, gary.
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most on us probably enjoy the animated google doodles and today it's as festive as they come. it features six cartoon children performing the irish step dance.
5:45 pm
the website says the first google doodle was created in 2000 by an intern. it was so popular the intern was promoted to chief doodler and there is an entire team devoted to it. weather wise, a perfect day to celebrate st. patrick's day but changes on the way and here to tell us about sit park. >> yeah, we could be tracking a few rain drops, no green for me today because we have a green weather board and floating clouds on my south. >> i'll pinch you later. >> well keep that in mind. a few high clouds today, a pretty nice afternoon. some haze out towards the golden gate bridge and temperatures cool coast and warm novels -- numbers but a nice view and breeze with winds from 10 to 15. here we go on live storm tracker two, high clouds offshore and no rain but that will change tuesday. one more dry day.
5:46 pm
you can see the cool numbers in the 50s for san francisco and half moon bay to around 70 and san jose 64 and santa rosa. in the 60s the current temperatures. forecast for tonight we'll go with this, fair skies and a breeze and tomorrow we'll gradually thicken up the cloud cover and tuesday, wednesday, fairly good chance of more rain showers, not a big deal, not the much needed significant rain we need but still, showers moving into the region. first thing tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and temperatures on the cool side upper 30s to 40s. san francisco 48 and fremont 45 and starting out sunday or monday morning 44. here is the next storm tracking out here in the pacific developing and by the time it gets to the bay area it will split. we don't expect extreme rain but tomorrow it's dry but you'll notice filtered sunshine throughout the day tomorrow and mild conditions. tuesday the system is close enough to bring in more clouds,
5:47 pm
chance of scattered showers and off on on tuesday into wednesday especially for the wednesday morning commute. here is our forecast model. we'll take this into monday morning at 8:00. partly cloudy and clouds filter in by 4:00 and by 5:00 still dry and look what happens as we take this into tuesday. tuesday, 10:00 and 11:00 and showers begin, a chance moving into the region by the afternoon hours. those chances on the increase wednesday morning. tomorrow under partly to mostly cloudy another day of mild temperatures and will be in the upper 50s to the 60s warmest locations around 70 degrees out towards santa rosa and san francisco lower 60s and san jose 69 and 63. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast and we bring back the rain clouds. fairly good chance of scattered light showers tuesday and wednesday as well and once the system moves through, we have another round of dry weather to
5:48 pm
talk about beginning thursday and friday and warmer weather as well with your weekend in view clearing skies for saturday and could talk about spots approaching 70 degrees for saturday and sunday. heather and ken we need the rainfall but maybe a quarter of an inch to half an inch. we'll take what we can get. >> yeah. >> all right. thanks. fans of the fabled creature big foot gathered, believe it or not, in texas to share their stories. attendees looked at the famous film that claims to show big foot and listened to audio recordings. the big foot research sponsored the convention and conducts visits to a nation form -- forest where he's been allegedly sited many times. it is tracked back to the '30 where it was called the wild woman of navidad. will st. maries and cal be dancing? >> can which teams will punch
5:49 pm
their ticket to the tournament next in sports wrap. who sees that she's due for a ram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive
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good evening everyone. selection sunday is a dream dream come true or a huge disappointment. depends if your name is tagged for the ncaa tournament and today st. marys sneaks in. st. marys will face middle tennessee state in what they call an n game. it will be played tuesday at
5:52 pm
dayton, ohio. they are 27 and 6 and the only losses is all three three game and if they beat the 28 and 5 blue raiders, st. marys is the 11 seed of the midwest region. >> i said going into this the numbers, this is the best the numbers have been, other than when you -- when you win the conference tournament and you're in. our numbers were very good and so i felt good going into it. i wasn't surprised that there is always a little doubt. we're excited for the tournament and now it's -- i don't care whether we're playing tuesday, thursday, friday. we're ready to compete playing the tournament. >> we have no time to think about anything educational other than this one game. the turn around is less than 48 hours. we got a flight two thirds of the way across the country. so it's one game at a time. >> they haven't played since march 11th so they will be
5:53 pm
rushing for tuesday's game. middle tennessee state will enjoy the winning streak this season if st. marys wins they will travel to michigan thursday to play the tigers. now a couple of weeks ago cal seemed like a lock to make the journey but the bears lost their last two games to teams not going to the tournament so with their heart pounding, they heard they are the 12th seed of the region. cal will face the rebels thursday in san jose. now these teams played each other december 9th. they were able to salvage a last second victory. a five and one all time versus cal. cal fell to six and two at this point. the golden bears have to feel good about starting the tournament in san jose and in cal, can they beat them and move on to play still in san jose. the 29 and 5 louisville cord nils are the overall number one seed in the midwest region,
5:54 pm
kansas is the top seed in the south region, indiana leads the east and the top-ranked school in the ap poll is number one in the west. well the warriors are in sixth place in the western conference. houston sits in seventh just a half game behind so today is a real make or break game. because warriors are in houston. the rockets won and the golden state played one of the best first halfs of the season and shot under 20 percent. curry razzle-dazzle for the slam. shot just 45% in the first half but better than houston's 20%. stephon curry hits this three ball. rockets shoot more threes than anyone in the nba but made two of 16 in the first half and three point misses means fast breaks the other way. warriors lead after three quarters. we'll have the final story tonight at 10:00. and i guess, canadians celebrate st. patty's day, too. today miami won the 22nd
5:55 pm
straight game tieing them with the houston rockets for the second largest winning streak in the nba. wade scores 24 and wade is usually on the delivery end but he's on the dunk side here. 108-91 the final and lakers 71-72 team the all time winning streak of 33nba games. the first world baseball classic game is just about to begin at at&t park right now. the two time defending champion japan takes on puerto rico. highlights at 10:00. the a's hosted the cubs in the oldest ballpark the stadium, chicago pitcher scott baker, that's chris young, young deep fries this one, a first inning three home runner for young and on into the third inning josh's turn for another three run blast. donaldson's second home run in the last two games and adam with a pair of two-run homers. oakland beats the cubs 12-6. coming up, another first
5:56 pm
time win oren the pga tour and what is going on here. nascar drivers with a little road rage. why tempers flaired when we come back.
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5:58 pm
two former racing teammates went nose to nose after the food city 500 because they went nose to tail on the track earlier. they were racing in a squeeze box called bristol motor speed way in the number 22 about to pass the leader and danny hamlin and spins out. finished 17th and hamlin 23rd and wants to beat hamlin. they have been snipping each other on twitter for months. really? race car drivers, twitter? >> gordon had a tire blow out. front tire goes to the wall, wrong place, wrong time and finished 24th and 25th. kasey kahne wins the first
5:59 pm
sprint cup race ever. brad leaves the cup standings by nine points over dial junior. tampa bay championship features another first time winner on the tour and so far, all 12pga tournaments have been won by american golfers. st. patrick's day celebrated at the resort today and one of the three third round leaders was kevin. this is him on the par three. he can't go. he goes. a birdie. you got to like that. but today's pga's version of larry the cable guy came out on nowhere, shoot the best round of the week in eight under 63. look at this great approach on the toughest hole of the course. he's been hissing in action for several years but finished 8 under and stuck around for three hours to wait for others to finish. any chance for him to get er done was over. on